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Decorative Glass Doors

One of the hot design trends of 2017 has been the rise of decorative glass doors in homes across the country. Many people have seen such features in restaurants and businesses, but only in the past year have these doors become favored elements in custom home building and home improvement projects. These custom-designed doors provide a pop of architectural drama to any home, and there are many advantages in choosing one of these doors for entranceways both inside and outside the home. Panda Windows, an industry-leading window, and door installation firm in Las Vegas, Nevada, has helped hundreds of homeowners select the perfect decorative glass doors for their homes.

Advantages of Decorative Glass Doors

In addition to providing access to a home, custom-designed decorative glass doors provide several advantages over traditional doors. These include:

Setting the Tone – as an architectural feature on the exterior of a home, decorative glass doors can evoke a sense of drama and of luxury to any home project. Think about the impact a beautiful door can have on visitors to the home. Now, imagine similar doors used in interior applications. Decorative doors have long been a staple of elegant mansions, with applications stretching back centuries. Dining rooms, parlors, and personal libraries were often outfitted with double-paneled French doors. In today’s upscale home market, the choices are nearly limitless. Homeowners can choose a classic French door look, or go with something more unique like frameless glass panels, art glass pieces, or doors that blend exotic woods and glass panels.

Bringing Light Indoors – installed on the exterior of a home, a decorative glass door can allow light to penetrate interior spaces. This has the effect of opening up the home, reducing costs associated with lighting and giving dark interior areas a new breath of bright vitality. Glass doors installed in the interior can also brighten individual rooms. Short of cutting holes in exterior walls to add new windows, a glass door can be the lighting solution that homeowners desire.

Custom Features to Set the Home Apart – because most decorative glass doors are made for specific applications, manufacturers can tailor a homeowner’s needs perfectly. Custom-made decorative glass doors are not cheap, but their dramatic appearance and style can transform any home environment.

Types of Decorative Glass Doors

There are several major types of decorative glass doors for interior and exterior applications. Custom-made glass panels can take many forms; really, the only limit is the imagination. Some of the most popular glass door choices include:

Textured glass panels – these glass doors are molded with raised decorative elements like geometric patterns, swirls, or natural-appearing ripples. Textured glass allows ample light to penetrate while providing a measure of privacy.

Etched glass door panels – using chemical or mechanical etching methods, glass door manufacturers can add incredible style to a home. Popular etching designs include natural motifs like leaves, trees, and wildlife, but can also be geometric shapes. Again, anything a homeowner can dream up can be replicated by careful etching practices. Just like textured glass, etched glass doors offer privacy while admitting natural light from the home’s exterior.

Painted and colored door panels – color can be added to decorative glass door panels. Incorporating minerals into glass production can produce dramatic effects; special glass paints can also be used to add stylish details to the individual glass panels.

Adding a Decorative Glass Door to the Home

Qualified door installers can help homeowners choose the perfect glass door for the interior or exterior of their homes. From design to installation, glass door contractors have the tools, the knowledge, and the experience to add drama and elegance to any home.